Bonzo Ding Dong

Bonzo was picked up by the dog warden in Craigavon, with his front left leg swinging. He had what is called a brachial plexus avulsion, where all the nerves have been damaged and the leg can no longer be used. He didn’t get any feeling back into his leg, so with the help of my good friend and vet extrordinaire Clare McFerran, the leg was removed and Bonzo was so much happier for it! 
He was a very shy dog when he originally came in, prone to slinking away and grumbling when anyone new came along. We decided to keep him on so that we were sure of his character before rehoming him, but needless to say the surer we got of him, the more we fell in love with him! 
So he stayed :) that was back in 2008, and although he suffers from arthritis in his remaining shoulder and hips, he is still going strong :) 
One of the gentlest sweetest dogs you could ever meet, fond of getting hugs and bouncing up out of the blue just to get a cuddle! 
He has the biggest deepest stranger danger bark, which he likes to exercise regularly, even if there is nothing going on!