Terry has been with us for quite a few years. Originally a stray, he was supposed to go to a Staffie rescue in Scotland on his exit from Craigavon pound, but he came out loaded with a bad dose of kennel cough, so missed his spot.

As he was recovering at home, I managed to get Rob to agree to letting him stay ;) or maybe I didnt, but either way he is still here!
Terry is our very own bowling ball.. his favourite thing to do is to run up to the other dogs and either pop them with his shoulders, or fly under their legs and literally bowl them over! 
Terry has hypothyroidism and really feels the cold, so is only without his "clothes" on the warmest of days; even then come the evening he will waddle over to me with a beseeching look, and I say, "terry do you want your coat?" His little tail wags, and continues to wag for the duration of his dressing lol.
An awesome little lad, who was Fred the Collies strange bff and was also in love with our Edie, bless his cottons. When I buried her, he sat by her grave side for hours and wouldn’t come in :( x