Richard is like our little forever baby. He is a Whippet, and he suffers from epilepsy and is also blind. He needs a lot of our care.
Happiest when nuzzled into your neck for a snooze.. or when he takes the notion for a run.. going down the long field, with me in tow trying to keep up!
Richard’s epilepsy is severe enough in that he fits most days, sometimes just small seizures, other times big ones :( he is on three different types of medication, which sadly affects his balance a little so he does need to stay on the lead when outside, so that we are close by to offer him assistance when he needs it.
Thankfully he is a Whippet, which means he loves to sleep... if he was any other breed he might be more difficult to manage than he is! 
We did consider rehoming Richard early on, but the severity of his epilepsy he is safest with a vet in the house, we always have emergency injections on standby in case he goes into a big fit and cant come out of it. 
He is very definitely our baby dog, and when he is snoozing next to your heart, content and relaxed, there is no finer feeling in the world .