step one:
let us know if there is a specific dog you are interested in

step two:
we will email you an adoption questionnaire, we may also ask for a reference from your previous/current vet, or other party.

step three:
we will give you a ring to discuss the dog, and whether or not she will fit in to your set up

step four:
we will arrange a home visit BEFORE you come to visit the dog. if we are fairly confident after the phone call, we may bring the dog to visit you.

step five:
if all is in order you can come meet him/her and take your new family member home :)

we reserve the right to turn down any prospective home. 

we rarely rehome to families who have children under the age of ten, and when we do, it is a case by case decision. not all of our dogs are suitable to be homed with young children. 

we very rarely rehome to families with very small babies, and toddlers, unless we are 100% sure of the dog, and the familys full commitment to the dog as a family member.

these rules are in place to keep both children, and dogs safe.