The very handsome Mr Paul has been with us since summer 2011, and came from the same lift of dogs which Larry did. He had an atrociously dry coat although his body weight was good. it became apparent early on that Paul was a true "feral" dog. He would not tolerate any close interaction with people, and preferred to be a good 10 ft away. 
Thankfully however , he loves other dogs. 
In his time with us he has had many kennel mates, from peter originally, to Barry, Helen, Mia, coco, Lou, Sooty (yeuna).... and now Angel, and im glad to say that he gets to keep Angel, as he was getting more and more upset as his friends left.

Paul is BFF's with Daisy and Dave, and gets so excited at the prospect of getting to play with them every day, on occasion he forgets himself and will allow you to quickly touch his head or his chin :)
Paul still likes to keep his distance from people, but will now take a treat from my hand without the safety net of his kennel door between us, and although at vaccination time things get a bit distressing for Paul, he would never bite.

We LOVE Paul :) he has been a steady godsend for so many dogs here, and as nervous as he is in close proximity with people, he is a very happy dog, as he knows i wont push it with him.
life is on Pauls terms, and he enjoys it :) x