Vic & Minty

These two are looking for a home together, as they are a fully bonded pair having lived together for two and a half years. Vic has been with us since 2012 and in that time has seen many of his friends rehomed, and has had to give up his house mates too many times, hence why this time its all or nothing!

Vic is a very handsome dog, but a strong one, so would need a guardian who can handle that. 
He is very fond of Minty, and the two have great fun together. Vic is not as active as Minty, and spends lots of time having big snoozes while she races about.

Minty is quite a shy girl until she gets to know you, but when she does she is full of fun and affection. her favourite game is fetch, and she just loves to run rings round Vic. 
She frequently washes her housemate from head to toe should he get a speck of dirt on him!
Minty is not cat friendly, and both she and Vic would benefit from an adult only home.