My name is Mac, 
and i have been waiting for my special family for well over 3 years.

i first arrived at Lucy's Trust in september 2011, after being handed in as stray to craigavon dog pound. 
i was lucky Lucy's Trust could take me, or i wouldnt be alive today. the lovely man at the kennels kept me for a few weeks over my "time", but i had to leave as they were running out of space for new dogs.
Rescue mummy says im middle aged, prob around 8 or 9 years old now, but its hard to tell with us staffies, we tend to have nice clean gnashers, (cos we like to chew things ) 

I used to live with my doggie friend Jenna who is a pretty little girl, but one day we had a fall out, and rescue mummy says it was too serious for us to live together again. 

this makes me sad. 
i loved having company  
now i feel lonely. 

rescue mummy says it breaks her heart too, because i really did love jenna, even though she comes to visit, its just not the same.

You see i dont get on with other dogs at all, jenna was an exception. 
my eyesight is pretty bad, and getting slowly worse. i dont have cataracts (i wish i did, cos then the nice people could fix me)
what i have is kind of like looking through black polka dots, and the polka dots keep getting bigger.

i'm really affectionate, and well behaved, im good on the lead, though can be a wee bit strong at times. i'm also housetrained, and love to be on the sofa for cuddles.

im not good with other animals of any kind, because i cant see them properly and tend to be defensive because of it.

rescue mummy says i cant live in a home with other pets, and i need a great owner who will understand my needs, and help protect me. 
for the same reason i am not allowed to live with small kids, cos they can move fast and with my eyes i might make a mistake.

rescue mummy told me that she read somewhere that every 52 days is like a year in a wee dogs life.... i dont like to think what that means