Affectionately known as "Jazsbo" ;) 
This little heartbreaker came from Craigavon pound where he was surrendered. Apparently he lived his life up until then in a back yard where he couldn’t see out and he spent his days chasing his tail.
He was (and still is) aggressive.. but I hate using that term for Jazz, because it truly isn’t his fault!
He suffers from focal seizures, focussing around his tail and back legs, and when he is overstimulated (that can be a treat, a toy, a chew or anything that gets him excited) He literally tries to attack himself. He also has a detached retina in one eye, that we think possibly came from a blow to the head :(
When jazz has his episodes, he will bite. In fact even petting him is running the gauntlet as although he enjoys it. . . he gets excited, and you guessed it, starts going for his tail, and then who ever is closest.
Unfortunately for Jazz we have been unable to control it with meds without profound sedation as a side effect, so we endeavour to keep his life as stress free and constant as possible to reduce these partial seizures.
He has a little outdoor pen/run beside our house (which is wire all around so he can always see out) and he comes into the house at night. He loves his walks, especially summer time when he gets to do his porpoise impersonation in the long grass!
Affectionate in his own wee way, Jazz is a wee star, who we cant imagine life without. 
Every game of fetch and tug of war, is precious, and the odd time when he gets up on your knee and looks lovingly into your face is just gold. 
sometimes I even get kisses :)
All the house dogs are a bit afraid of him lol, because of this unpredictability, and because he is so tiny he runs the risk of getting seriously hurt, which is why he doesn’t run free with the dogs all the time.
We do long for the day when we can pet him properly, but even if that never happens, this wee dude will forever be much loved and adored.