Frank came to us as a "whippet" puppy at 7 weeks old, who was being sold from a cardboard box out of someones boot. the lady who bought him, couldnt keep him, so he came to us. it became clear pretty quickly that he wasnt a whippet at all, and that he was a bit younger than 7 weeks old... although he always got on great with the other dogs, he is also a little ball of anxiety about new experiences and people. 
this wasnt helped by the fact he became gravely ill at 5 month sold, and had to suffer through daily injections and drips for almost a full two weeks. I barely slept a wink in that time, and when he finally turned a corner we decided he would stay with us (because i had invested so much love i could never have let him go!)
incredibly we hadnt had any solid applications for him anyway... a few wanted him for christmas but were unwilling to wait til the new year!
so Mr Franky Legs has made LT his home. 
He is still an anxious lad about new situations and probably always will be... there is no way for a human to put the life lessons into a dog that a bitch will in their formative weeks!