Ernie was one of the first dogs to ever come to our kennels, at that time, we only had one that was fixed up, and he shared it with Bert the doberman. Both dogs came from craigavon pound, Bert went on to find a home through another rescue, and we couldnt leave Ernie on his own, so he came home to Magheralin with us :) 
when he first arrived in 2009 he was so overweight we aged him at about 9! looking back he was probably only 3 or 4 at the time, but had arthritis from his extreme body weight.. 
we got him slimmed down to normal over a period of about 6 months... it was hard, poor guy could barely wlak the length of himself when he first arrived.
Ernie we presume was just fed and forgotten about. he has a hair trigger bark, and still does, iif he hears a bird having a poop he will bark, so we didnt feel it would be easy to find him a new home, so we put up with the barking ourselves :) 
his bff crew, consists of Bonzo, Suuki and flo