Some of you may remember "polly pissy pants" back when she was up for rehoming.. a few years ago! 
We first met lady on the way back from a meeting , we found her dodging traffic at nutts corner roundabout. thankfully it was late in the evening, and traffic wasnt too bad. She hid under a parked lorry, and it took us about a half hour to finally catch a hold of her!
after no one claimed her, we rehomed her to a lovely lady who was a client at the practice where i worked at the time.
After a month or two "oh so sweet butter wouldnt melt" lady .. started showing her true colours and began constantly picking on a couple of the lady's other dogs.
And i mean picking on them :(
so... lady came back.. and once she found her feet here, chose a few to bother a few of ours instead! 
We tried to find her a new home for almost two years... but everyone who expressed an interest had another dog or couldnt cope with the fact that her house training wasnt great ( she scent marks on purpose.. nothing wrong with her brain ;) ) we were told by a few "rescuers" that we were too honest about her?? in my mind there is no such thing. we didnt want lady getting messed about to a home that wasnt prepared for the ball of minxy fluff that this wee madam is! 
so... as time wore on , and she started to tenuously fit in....she stayed. 
stayed here to pee in our house, and harrass our dogs...;) (i think larry, ernie and suuki couldnt see her far enough away lol, but somehow we have managed to make it work for the most part.)
Lady is like my wee fluffy shadow, and i wouldnt be without the wee madam these days!