Princess Rosie (otherwise known as the flying carpet :P)
This little lady was originally a surrender in a very matted state, and needed clipped to the skin as soon as she came in. her ears were so badly matted it took me a while to find her actual end of her ear when i was clipping :(
Rosie initially shared with Mr Peabody (now Dave and happily rehomed!) and did have a few weeks in a new home that sadly didnt work out for her.
Rosie suffers from psychogenic polydipsia, which basically means if she is stressed in any way shape or form, she drinks excessively.. which leads to needing to wee constantly and wetting your bed when you are asleep :(
after her brief new owners decided they couldnt cope with washing dog beds every day until she felt settled, she came home, and we decided not to put her through the risk of having to shift away again .. as it would only add to her stress.
It took almost a full year for our wee princess to stop wetting overnight, and show us that she feels totally secure.. its been 7 months since her last accident , so i think Rosie finally feels secure enough that this is home.
as for our washing machine.. well we did have to get a new one as the old one died from overuse! 
we are so happy for this wee lady. 
who knows how long her problem had persisted in the years previous .