Betty Bear

Betty Bear was handed into craigavon pound at just 6 weeks old.... she was there a few days, before she came into the clinic as she wouldnt eat, and the kennel manager was rightly concerned.
she was two days with us in the clinic, and still hadnt eaten a bite, she just sat in her kennel and shook, no amount of coaxing and comfort did anything to relieve her stress.
i was actually about to put her to sleep because she was so bad and unhappy and nothing we did seemed to help her, but by a stroke of luck, big Flo had cut herself and i had her in the clinic to stitch her up, i carried wee betty into the theatre and as soon as she saw flo, her tail started to wag (hairy lurchers have that effect i guess ;) ) i set her on the ground and she was all over Flo like a rash, and proceeded to eat her first meal in almost a week!! 
needless to say she came home :)