Beau Diddley

The Big Beau, came to live with us last summer after the sad passing of his wonderful mum Jacqui Fyffe Tanner, a great friend, supporter of LT and director of Northern Ireland Boxer Rescue Society.
Beau was a rescue when Jacqui took him on, and thanks to Jacquis lovely family Beau will continue to be loved and adored in his new life.
Beau suffers from some typical bulldog problems. hIs hips are shocking, he had entropion, (now fixed, but may need done again at some point :( ) and he has an ongoing battle with demodectic mange which has been a fixture for his whole life :( 
he had become allergic to a lot of treatments so we are back to basics with aludex washes every 5 days, immune boosting supplements and special food, and we try and keep him as stress free as possible.
Beau is a real character, he sleeps alot, but when he is active, he takes himself off for walks around the farm for hours... never straying off our land or getting into trouble.. just on a wee dander. bit like Uncle pat used to do :) 
put a lead on him, and you have a stubborn mule who wont go anywhere ... but on his todd he can get in a good bit of exercise to try and keep those hips muscled and moving.
He took us a while to cat train, but now that he is, its a huge sigh of relief for us all! 
the dogs arent entirely sure how to take him.. his angry face is pretty similar to his happy face, and given he has a teeny corkscrew tail, there isnt much by way of body language for them to go on, so they pretty much give him a wide berth, not that he complains.. he likes to do his own thing!
also known as captain wavey legs.. the sure fire indicator that he is in a good mood and wants to play is the waving of his front paws alternately .. its beyond cute! 
Beau is a huge character.. and its hard to remember the house without him, and its only been a year :)