This photogenic little imp, came from the pound as a teeny sick stray puppy. even back then she loved everyone and everything.
She came home here to pair with a collie pup named Colin in the kennels, both pups were booked onto COAL and were supposed to go to England. 
well, the boat was cancelled due to wind the first time, and the second run they were not taking any pups for a few weeks, 
in that time colin started to rough play with teeny annie, who couldnt cope with it and was scared, so Annie came into the house...temporarily (cough*ahem ;) )
needless to say once she was in, this skinny wee bird was here to stay.
she became my co pilot on calls when i was working, and i admit, i spoilt her rotten ;)
Annie is the absolute boss at getting just aboutwhatever she wants, whenever she wants, and truly has me wrapped around her little paw! 
do you know the moment i knew i would have a sidekick for life? 
when she and i were in the bedroom, (at this stage she wasnt meant to stay) and she looked up at my big canvas of lucy on the wall... shifted to the edge of the bed still staring at her, and cocked her wee head.... thats when i knew... and call me daft but it really feels like she was sent by Lu. so many little quirks that she and lucy share... even down to saving little things (she once protected a fledgling from the cats til i could come rescue it :)
she is a wee minx, a typical terrier in many ways, but at the heart of it all my wee angel, full of happiness and light ....
and i am so glad that colin the collie decided to pick on her a wee bit, or we woudl never have had this little ray of light in our lives! 
everything happens for a reason i guess