Lucy's Trust was formed in 2010 initially in response to the growing need for rescue space for dogs from Craigavon pound. Run by Olivia Kennedy (veterinary surgeon) and her partner Rob Durston, Lucys Trust has changed over the years, to become predominantly a sanctuary for dogs who cannot be rehomed due to behavioural issues, or those that are in most need of a rescue place, and/or assistance to overcome their difficulties to become happy healthy dogs once again.
we pride ourselves in providing a stimulating and enjoyable environment for the dogs who find sanctuary with us. 
The dogs are kept in pairs where possible, allowing them to have constant companionship, which we feel is vitally important for the wellbeing of most dogs in a kennel environment. 

Unfortunately due to the bite history of some of our residents, we cannot accept volunteers at the sanctuary for insurance reasons. However you can still help us in other ways,
we constantly need duvets, blankets, sheets, toys and treats. Donations of these items are gratefully received.
We are always in need of help to raise funds so that we can keep our dogs healthy by purchasing a consistent nourishing diet and also to upgrade our facilities so the dogs can get as much out of their time here as possible.

We care for the most overlooked dogs... we believe that all dogs matter, regardless of their history, breed or behaviour.
and as such we endeavour to look after those dogs to the best of our abilities. 

We undertake to help the dogs in greatest need of rescue space, currently mainly lurchers, greyhounds, staffordshire bull terriers and behavioural cases. (we also take chronically ill dogs and the old). basically we are the LAST chance for a lot of dogs.

we are a NO KILL shelter: any dog which finds its way to lucy's trust, has a home for life, we do not believe in putting a healthy, or curable animal to sleep. 
Dogs with behavioural problems who cannot be homed, are welcome to spend the rest of their days with us. 

We operate a “closed” sanctuary, due to the presence of dogs with behavioural issues, and as such are sadly not open to visitors to drop in. Appointments can be made however if there is a specific dog you are interested in, and you meet the criteria required to home that dog.

We are predominantly a sanctuary these days, and cannot take in dogs in any number due to kennel space. We do however operate a waiting list for intake, and provide behavioural help and education for those who are struggling with their dogs. 

If you are struggling with your dogs behaviour, please don’t suffer in silence or wait until its too late, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.